Pirelli confirm changes

Tuesday 14-May-2013 11:58

Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery has revealed the manufacturer will make changes to its tyres for the Canadian Grand Prix.

The Italian company has been under pressure to tweak their compounds after several F1 role players voiced their unhappiness with the high tyre degredation levels during the Spanish Grand Prix.

Most drivers were forced to make four pit stops at the Circuit de Catalunya and Hembery admitted after the race they were "too aggressive".

Hembery has now confirmed they will make changes to the tyre structures and will use some of the features from the 2011 and 2012 rubber.

"We never intended for there to be four-stop races, so we are going to make construction changes to the tyres," he told Autosport.

"We will be taking some of the design of the 2013 tyres, but also some of the elements of the 2011 and 2012 products that served us so well during that period.

"We want to go back to having two or three stop races."

Fernando Alonso admitted after the Barcelona race that there is "too much confusion for the spectators" and "it is impossible to follow one race now" due to the high number of pit stops from drivers while Jenson Button called it a "right mess".

Pirelli was asked by the FIA to build tyres lasting roughly 20 laps and Hembery concedes the gains that teams made over the winter were probably underestimated.

"They have basically been stressing everything far too much, and probably we underestimated the performance," he said.

"We cannot test with the current cars, and all we have access to is a 2010 Renault that laps four or five seconds slower than the current F1 cars do on a Sunday.

"So it was a combination of factors that have come together. We didn't want to make too many dramatic changes, and we do not want to penalise those teams that have taken a design direction to look after the tyres.

"Equally, we had to do something to improve the situation."

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