'There should have been a Safety Car'

Monday 21-July-2014 08:52

Lewis Hamilton has questioned why the Safety Car wasn't brought out for Adrian Sutil's spin in Germany, saying it was dangerous for the marshals.

While German driver Nico Rosberg was racing to the victory in Sunday's German GP, his compatriot Sutil spun his C33 on lap 49 and stalled in the middle of the track.

However, instead of bringing out the Safety Car to allow the marshals the safety to deal with Sutil's stricken car, they were forced to run onto the track with nothing but waved yellows.

Hamilton has questioned why.

"It would have been a gamble to stay out just in case there was a Safety Car," he told Sky Sports News.

"In fact, there should have been a Safety Car.

"How on earth a car can be sitting in the middle of the road for a couple of laps and not come out... but I think you know why."

He added: "A Safety Car would have normally come out in situations like that."

In a separate interview the Brit highlighted the dangers the marshals faced retrieving Sutil's car.

"I was really concerned for the marshals, really concerned," he told Autosport.

"You come around that corner at serious speed, and then there are marshals standing not far from where you are driving past. For me that is the closest it has been for a long, long time."

He revealed that the incident reminded him of the death of Tom Pryce, who was killed during the 1977 South African GP when marshal Frederick Jansen van Vuur crossed the track with a fire extinguisher. Both Pryce and the marshal died.

Hamilton added: "I used to work at a driving school in Bedford and one day I came in and they had this video playing all the time.

"It was a video from a race years and years ago of a car stopped on the track, the marshal ran across the track and got hit by a car coming past. That was the first thing I thought about.

"Obviously we are not going as fast as that straight but I was worried about the marshals. Fortunately no one got hurt."

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