Pirelli put an end to tyre changes

Friday 14-June-2013 06:21

Pirelli have announced that they will not alter their rubber after the 11 Formula One teams failed to reach a unanimous agreement.

With teams and drivers complaining about the tyres, both the degradation and the delamination of the rubber, Pirelli had taken steps to at least fix the latter problem.

The new tyres were tested in Montreal in the Friday sessions, however, the teams failed to unanimously agree to race the prototype tyres.

As such, Pirelli have announced that they won't be altering their tyres.

"The tyre construction will remain unchanged, contrary to Pirelli's initial plans," the Italian manufacturer announced in a statement.

"This decision is due to the fact that the new tyres, which were brought to the Friday free practice sessions in Canada, could not be tested sufficiently due to rain - and that the teams failed to agree unanimously about introducing the changes.

"Instead a change in the tyre production process should now ensure that the delamination issue has been addressed."

The Italian company also revealed the compounds for the next three races.

For the British GP the drivers will have the medium and hard compounds while the same will be used in Hungary with the soft and medium being raced in Germany.

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