Newey: Some teams were short-sighted

Monday 01-July-2013 12:22

Red Bull technical guru Adrian Newey has slammed teams who blocked tyre changes that were proposed by Pirelli.

The tyre manufacturer had hoped to change the internal structure of their tyres from a steal belt to Kevlar prior to the Canadian Grand Prix, but this was vetoed by three teams - believed to be Ferrari, Lotus and Force India.

In the wake of the mayhem at Silverstone on Sunday in which four drivers suffered rear tyre blowouts and others endured heavy wear, Newey believes that some members of the F1 paddock have only themselves to blame for the situation.

"It's a sad state of affairs but such is the nature of Formula One, really," he is quoted as saying by Autosport.

"It's been fairly clear that there's been a number of worrying tyre failures through the year.

"Pirelli came up with a solution for that, with a different construction, and that was being offered initially for Montreal.

"But two or three teams vetoed that because they were worried it would suit some other teams more than it would suit them.

"As a result of that short-sightedness, Formula 1 ended up putting up the worrying performance it did [at Silverstone] and concerns about driver safety."

While the exact cause of the punctures has not yet been determined, Newey is confident that they would not have occurred has the Kevlar been present.

"It's really one for Pirelli, but from what I understand of it, had we gone with the different construction we wouldn't have had the sort of catastrophic failures we had," asserted the Briton.

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