Warwick launches Silverstone defence

Monday 01-July-2013 12:47

British Racing Drivers' Club president Derek Warwick has rubbished suggestions that the Silverstone kerbs were responsible for tyre blowouts at the British Grand Prix.

Sunday's race was marred by four rear tyre failures and almost all the post-race talk has focused on the issue of tyres, with Nico Rosberg's victory relegated to somewhat of an afterthought.

During the race drivers were urged to stay off the kerbs - particularly at The Loop and Aintree - leading to some pundits putting forward the opinion that it was sharp edges on the circuit that were the cause of the punctures.

However, Warwick has vehemently denied that this is the case.

"Absolute rubbish - these kerbs have been in since 2009 and we have had thousands and thousands of cars go over these kerbs and they have been absolutely fine," he told Sky Sports News of the theory.

"We have had them checked by the FIA and they conform fully with the FIA. I think the problem is that we had the secret three-day test for Mercedes a few weeks ago - that test was to build a tyre that was strong enough for the British GP.

"They came up with a tyre and the teams then had to vote on bringing that new tyre to Silverstone and three teams voted against bringing the new tyre to Silverstone. So the teams need to look at themselves - they made the decision not to bring the new tyre. I kind of blame Pirelli, but they did their best to bring a new tyre to Silverstone and three teams voted against it."

The 58-year-old believes that Pirelli, the FIA and commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone all need to shoulder some of the blame for the situation the sport finds itself in.

"For me, Bernie, the FIA and Pirelli are bringing the sport in disrepute and they need to have a serious look at themselves and change these tyres and not expect all the teams to agree," he said.

"You will never get all of the teams to agree, so take it out of their hands and put safe tyres on these cars.

"Bernie is in charge of Formula One, as are the FIA. They chose Pirelli and Pirelli are not living up to expectations so they have a responsibility to this sport to make sure that we have a sport that is safe enough for drivers and spectators to participate in."

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