Horner denies ride height claims

Saturday 28-July-2012 14:49

As controversy once again hits Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner is adamant his team have never made illegal changes to their car in parc ferme.

On Saturday, German newspaper Auto Motor und Sport reported that Red Bull Racing had been asked by the FIA to change a mechanism that allowed them to alter the front suspension settings manually.

The report added that teams had been told not to do this as the FIA wanted to keep track of what teams were doing as they are not allowed to change their car's ride height between qualifying and the race.

Horner, though, is adamant that Red Bull did nothing of a sort.

"It really is news to me because no ride height has ever been changed in parc ferme," the team boss told Sky Sports F1.

"At all times the car has conformed, no ride height has been changed, manually or with tools or with anything like that.

"There's a few bits of trivia floating round at the moment."

This is not the first time this season that Red Bull have been dogged by controversy as earlier in the year they had to alter their car's floor, change their wheel hubs and just last weekend in Germany were involved in a engine mapping issue.

Horner, however, has denied talk of a FIA conspiracy.

"Well I don't think it's so much the FIA, I think the other teams get a bit wound up and then they will tend to go to the FIA with observations and complaints.

"The FIA have always been very fair and correct with us and any time we've been questioned we've demonstrated that the car 100% complies," Christian commented.

"When you're competitive and you're running at the front it's a consequence of being a front-running team with front-running drivers that others they don't always like it. And that's the consequence of competitiveness at the end of the day."

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