Hembery: Tyres can handle the heat

Saturday 27-July-2013 08:39

Paul Hembery is confident Pirelli's tyres will hold up in the heat in Budapest as the track temperature heads towards the 50'C mark.

The teams ran the revised tyres, which feature last year's construction with this year's compounds, during the recent Young Driver Test with rave reviews.

The tyres were then put into action on Friday at the Hungaroring where the track temperature reached 44'C in the morning's session alone.

None of the drivers, however, had any problems with their Pirellis.

"I wouldn't say it'll be the harshest [race we've faced]," Hembery, the company's motorsport director, told ESPNF1.

"Bahrain is always pretty horrific from that point of view and Malaysia as well. Malaysia the surface itself is very abrasive, here is similar in many ways to Germany - the Nurburgring - and not too dissimilar to Canada from many points of view.

"To be honest the Silverstone Young Driver Test was very severe, we had 45 degrees track temperature in Silverstone and I don't think I'm ever going to say that again in my lifetime! Silverstone is a very quick, high-load circuit and to have 45 degrees was a very good workout."

Hembery, however, did concede that some teams will struggle more than others in the heat especially Mercedes.

"We've seen regularly that they have a lot of pace in qualifying and then in the race they can't keep up with that pace. Certainly with the temperatures that we've got here it's probably the worst conditions that Mercedes can have."

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