Vergne: Lucky I didn't flip

Sunday 09-September-2012 15:49

Jean-Eric Vergne reckons he was lucky to walk away from his Italian GP accident with just a "bit" of back pain as his car almost flipped.

Vergne's race came to an end on lap 10 when, braking at the end of the main straight, his car snapped right and sent him hurtling towards the kerbs at Turn 1 without any control.

The nose of his Toro Rosso was lifted high into the air with the landing hurting the Frenchman's back.

"I was taken from the accident to the Medical Centre, but apart from a bit of pain in my back and my head, I am fine," Vergne said.

As for the accident, the 22-year-old says he doesn't know the cause.

"I don't know why I crashed," he said.

"All I can remember is that when I braked, I completely lost control of the back end of the car.

"I felt a big impact when the car landed after going up in the air.

"The kerb is high at that point and I count myself lucky that the car did not flip over."

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