Di Resta laments 'most painful' qualy

Saturday 25-May-2013 16:33

Paul di Resta was left fuming with his Force India team after strategic error meant he failed to progress to Q2 in Monaco.

With the rain coming down in the Principality, all the drivers were out on intermediate tyres at the start of qualifying.

Lap after lap, the times tumbled as the track dried out a bit and the drivers went faster and faster.

Di Resta was caught out, finishing down in 17th place for which his race engineer immediately apologised.

That, though, did little to appease the Scot.

"I think it was a clear thing and there'll be a few people in the team kicking themselves. I'm not going to say too much because I'll say something I probably shouldn't," he told Sky Sports F1's Natalie Pinkham.

"There was a clear thing we should have done. All the other cars did it and we got left out to dry really. Probably the most painful experience I've ever had in qualifying.

"It's a difficult day ahead tomorrow, with not much hope that you can actually do something."

As di Resta highlighted, a good grid slot is vital in Monaco given the tight, twisty nature of the track.

"(Qualifying) is a big part of it and today was the key to make sure we did something. We failed to achieve it when we were P7 this morning, we were very good yesterday," he added.

"We made big improvement. I think we were very strong in the wet; it was looking good. I'd have preferred it had stayed wet as we had the pace to definitely fight.

"We'll wait and see. There's not much I can say."

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