Schumi blames 'dangerous' Senna

Sunday 13-May-2012 15:07

As expected, no one accepted responsibility for the Michael Schumacher/Bruno senna crash that put both drivers out of the Spanish GP.

14 laps into Sunday's grand prix, Schumacher, who had pitted, came up behind Senna, who had not, with the duo fighting for position.

Schumacher, though, appeared to misjudge the braking point in the rundown to Turn One and slammed into the back of Senna's Williams.

The incident will be investigated after the grand prix.

However, Schumacher, who called Senna an "idiot" over his team radio, reckons the blame rests squarely with the Brazilian who had an incident a lap earlier with Romain Grosjean.

"I want the stewards to clarify what happened. He moved to the right, but he shouldn't move back in the braking phase to the left that sharply," he told Sky Sports F1 HD.

"I'm just behind him and I don't know how sharply he is going to move. So it was all very dangerous.

"We had a chance of good points today so it is doubly frustrating. I have to say I don't know what he was trying to prove but in Brazil last year he was driving into my car and today he was doing funny things.

"A lap before he had an accident together with Grosjean so I don't know what he was going through his mind."

But, as expected, Senna believes it was Schumacher who was in the wrong.

"Look it's racing and incidents happen. At the end of the day, I was not expecting him to hit me, I thought he was going to dive for the inside," he told the BBC.

"He probably misjudged me a little bit. He came with good speed on the straight and I had to brake.

"When I saw he was moving I thought he would dive on the inside so I moved a little bit to the left and then he just hit me."

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