Bernie blames KERS for Williams fire

Wednesday 30-May-2012 16:45

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone believes that the fire that engulfed the Williams garage at the Spanish Grand Prix was caused by KERS.

The Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) forms part of Formula One's attempts to become more environmentally friendly and Ecclestone has often stated that he feels it has no place in the sport. Part of the Briton's dislike of the system stems from the fact that in his mind there are other areas where the sport could be looking to be more 'green'.

"You could get rid of KERS and it wouldn't change the racing," Ecclestone told CityAM.

"If the teams reduced the size of their motorhomes or the team units they would need less trucks to take them there," he added.

"Mercedes has got I think 22 trucks so if they reduced two of those you wouldn't need to use electric motors in the pit lane. The trucks are bigger polluters than the cars. I'm happy that the teams want to preserve all of that for their sponsors and brand image but they shouldn't talk rubbish."

While the cause of the fire that broke out at the Circuit de Catalunya is still being investigated by Williams, the FIA and local authorities, Ecclestone has his own theory.

"I think the fire was a lot to do with that kinetic energy thing which sparked," he asserted. "It should never have been introduced. It's an expensive secret because nobody knows anything about it. The public don't know and don't care."

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