Horner: Biggest problem is the tyres

Thursday 09-May-2013 16:42

Christian Horner reckons Red Bull's biggest challenge this weekend will be understanding Pirelli's tyres, including the new hard compound.

After much criticism, Pirelli opted to alter their hard tyre compound ahead of this weekend's Spanish GP with the Italian manufacturer revealing that it is now more in line with last year's hard.

Motorsport boss Paul Hembery also stated that while the new tyre should have a "wider working temperature window", it will give less performance that its predecessor.

But while the hard compound may be the only new one on offer, that doesn't mean the teams have a better understanding of the others as like their rivals, Red Bull have been struggling to walk the line between preserving the tyres and being quick.

"Our biggest problem is the tyres," Horner said.

"Our biggest challenge is going to be developing and understanding these tyres. We have a good car, a very good car, but at the moment, the tyres are a predominant factor in F1.

"It is a different type of racing because it is a matter of achieving longevity with the tyre and ultimate pace is not the crucial factor.

"So it is about adjusting - as we had to adjust going from Bridgestones to Pirellis, from refuelling to no refuelling, from blown diffusers to no blown diffusers - and I am entirely confident that we will adapt.

"But it is going to take time and in Formula One there is never enough time!"

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