Massa bemoans slow formation laps

Monday 07-July-2014 10:02

Felipe Massa has urged the FIA to take action against Mercedes after Nico Rosberg's slow place on the formation lap caused him to stop "two times."

Massa lined up 15th on the Silverstone grid after Williams got it wrong in the wet on Saturday.

A slow start due to a clutch problem meant he dropped to the back of the field and ultimately collected the crashing Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen.

"All of these cars go very slow on the formation lap," Massa told ESPN. "We stopped on the track and my clutch went up to a very high temperature so it didn't work. I started to move the clutch, but the car went into anti-stall so I dropped to last [at the start].

"It is a shame because the start is never normally a problem and it would have been a good start and a good race because the car was flying. We would have finished on the podium and we would be third in the Championship, so it is a shame what happened."

Earlier this season the FIA warned the drivers about going too slow on the formation lap.

Despite stating that they would keep a closer eye on proceedings and that penalties could be handed out, Massa feels the FIA have done nothing about the problem.

"The FIA say we can't go so slow but they didn't do anything or penalise anyone. I think if they penalise one car for that by giving them a five grid penalty for the next race, everything will change.

"I stopped two times, I pulled the clutch and I was waiting because it was so slow. It was so slow we couldn't do burnouts. You cannot go slow just because you want to. For sure they do it on purpose and they have done it for most of the races, so they are doing it for a reason.

"We have complained at many races this year. At the last race [in Austria when Massa was on pole], I think if you check, it was much quicker than the normal races because I was in front. I'm sure it was much quicker than the other races.

"Mercedes go slow for a reason but it is sometimes bad for other teams, especially for us. My car was smoking at the rear on the grid and it is thanks to the slow formation lap."

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