Alonso jokes: It's a huge drama

Friday 12-April-2013 02:53

Fernando Alonso is unfazed about losing to Felipe Massa in the Ferrari qualifying battle, insisting Saturdays are not that important.

The double World Champion has been out-qualified in both this season's races while he also lost out to Massa in the final two races of last year.

Should the Spaniard be beaten again this Saturday in China, it will be the first time in his F1 career that Alonso has been out-qualified five times in a row by his team-mate.

"I haven't slept since Australia. I'm only eating white rice. I'm losing my hair. A huge drama," he joked.

"After 200 races, it's very surprising that two qualifying sessions matter so much. I'm pleased that it's so important, because it means that when I finish ahead of him it will mean I have done an stratospheric lap.

"We'll see if I can pull that magic here or later this year..."

He added: "He's doing a fantastic job. It's true that for these calculations you are using strange numbers, with races from last year, races from this year.

"In Australia qualifying was with dry tyres on a wet track, in Malaysia we qualified with inters on a dry track, so I don't think they were completely normal tracks."

Despite qualifying behind Massa, Alonso came from behind to beat his team-mate in Australia while in Malaysia he was also ahead before retiring on lap two of the grand prix.

"Qualifying this year is less important. It has been losing importance year after year," the Spaniard told Autosport.

"There were years when it was vital to start from the first row or from pole position, but since Pirelli arrived qualifying has become less and less important.

"In the first two races of the season Kimi [Raikkonen] won pretty easily in Australia starting from seventh and anyone could have won in Malaysia. But there is a tendency for qualifying to become less important."

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