Luca: Alonso will benefit from Kimi return

Tuesday 17-September-2013 09:11

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo sees no reason why Kimi Raikkonen can't win another title, and he also believes the Finn will push Fernando Alonso to greater things.

The Italian stable will have the strongest line-up on the grid next year as they will have two World Champions as team-mates, moving away from their recent policy of having a clear number one driver.

There have been suggestions that Raikkonen's return could have a negative impact on Alonso's career at the Scuderia, but Montezemolo is having none of that and he believes both drivers will benefit from the move.

Montezemolo told Gazzetta dello Sport: "Raikkonen's case is almost identical to that of Lauda. Niki also at a certain stage said 'enough is enough' because he was sick of it. I'm speaking of Kimi's twin brother, because the driver who we was racing for us wasn't the one we hired.

"The break has been good for him, he has returned to greatness, he's won races, he's finished lots of races. I wanted a driver who wouldn't make me look back on Massa with regret and I've got one. I want more victories, consistency, podiums from Raikkonen. Alonso will be the first to benefit. Returning to Lauda, when he returned he was refreshed and he beat Prost (his McLaren team-mate) to the World Championship..."

He also insisted that Alonso knew from the start that Raikkonen was in the running to replace Massa.

"Fernando has always been aware of the choice of Raikkonen, also because the alternative of a young driver in the World Championship as a whole in 2014 gave us no certainties. The Raikkonen of today is one of the strongest with Alonso, [Sebastian] Vettel and [Lewis Hamilton] Hamilton."

Meanwhile adds that di Montezemolo also dismissed suggestions that team principal Stefano Domenicali's position is under threat after another less than satisfactory season for the squad.

"We would miss him. He was the main factor in rehiring Kimi," he said. "He's done great work for the future. And let's not forget that in the last three years we've lost the title at the last race, through no fault of his."

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