Alonso wants drivers at the fore

Saturday 11-January-2014 11:04

Fernando Alonso hopes this year's new regulations will make the drivers more important.

In recent years the argument over what is more important; the driver or the car; has dogged reigning World Champion Sebastian Vettel.

Despite winning an impressive four Drivers' Championships on the trot, many have asked whether it is the driver or his Adrian Newey-designed car.

This season, though, that argument could be put to rest as Alonso reckons the new rules will put the driver at the forefront.

"I hope that the decisions of the drivers become more important because engineers have less control," the Ferrari driver told TotalRace.

"So we must be ready to make those decisions in the best way possible."

This season F1 will swap to 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 engines with ERS while fuel economy will be vital as drivers are limited to 100kgs of fuel per race.

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