Alonso rules out Mercedes move

Monday 12-May-2014 08:15

Despite coming within three seconds of being lapped by Mercedes in Spain, Fernando Alonso has denied he's interested in swapping teams.

Ahead of Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix, French publication L'Equipe reported that Alonso is seeking a way out of his current Ferrari contract, which expires in 2016.

It has been widely reported that the double World Champion is frustrated by Ferrari's lack of success as he faces yet another season without a chance of Championship glory.

That was highlighted in Spain on Sunday where, a year on from winning the Barcelona event, Alonso finished sixth to the Mercedes drivers, just three seconds away from being lapped.

Alonso, though, is adamant he's not looking for a possible move to the Brackley team and a partnership with old team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

"No," was his emphatic answer when asked by Sky Sports F1 if he wanted to move to Mercedes.

Pressed by Natalie Pinkham about whether he deserved a better car than what Ferrari have handed him, the Spaniard was diplomatic in his answer.

"I think we need to work better and have a better car at Ferrari. We have the potential, we have the talented people, so we can do that together.

"We can do it this season - it will be tough as we are so far behind, not just us but everyone, but we are in the fifth race of the Championship.

"Our job is to make things hard for Mercedes because when they have a big gap they don't stress the mechanical side so we need to do better."

Meanwhile, Mercedes executive director Toto Wolff insisted, that while flattered by reports that Alonso is keen to join his team, the Championship leaders have no plans to change the line-up of Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

The Austrian told Sky Sports F1 ahead of Sunday's grand prix: "It makes us very happy, and it is very flattering, that good drivers want to join us, but we are very happy with Nico and Lewis.

"We like to have long-term relationships, we are not out there for one-night stands.

"If you have a solid marriage, and we have a solid marriage, then you do not flirt at all.

"Some of the things were probably quoted out of context, I think he is a very decent and very, very strong race driver, but our two boys are on the top of their game and I wouldn't change them for the world.

"We are very happy with our drivers and there is no wish to change that situation whatsoever."

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