Alonso: F1 needs to improve the show

Friday 20-June-2014 07:20

Fernando Alonso says Formula 1 must do more for the fans especially at a time when one team is dominating grand prix Sundays.

Mercedes have taken six wins from seven this season, only missing out in Canada.

That race proved to be one of the better seen this season, not only because of the outcome but there was also plenty of action throughout the field.

Aside from Canada, the lack of excitement in recent races has led to Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo calling for a crisis meeting to discuss the situation.

And Alonso agrees that something needs to be done.

"I think the president is right, in a way," he said. "The show that probably we've put in this year is not good enough in some of the races.

"Also, when one team is dominating so much as Mercedes, probably the spectators prefer some more action, as probably they like Canada Grand Prix that everyone seems to enjoy.

"Yeah, we will try to put on a better show in the next races and if the teams or the fans or whatever, they have any ideas, they will be welcome to have a better show."

The double World Champion also weighed in on in-season testing, which next season could be limited to just two outings instead of four.

"Obviously this is the way the sport has been going in the last couple of years, y'know? Now for many years, reducing the tests more and more. They have some good things and some bad things.

"Probably the cost is the good thing. The teams can save a lot of money and we have more teams that can survive year after year and we can keep having a good grid. On the other hand it's the only sport in the world that you cannot train.

"So, for us probably it's not a big thing but for a young driver coming from Formula 3 or GP2 or whatever, the first time they go to the circuit if FP1. There is no possibility to test at any time and that's probably a unique thing in our sport unfortunately.

"But at the same time, as I said, I understand the cost problem and if they decide this it's because it's the best decision."

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