Button: Flat fee for super licence

Friday 09-November-2012 05:31

Jenson Button has called on the FIA to impose a flat super licence fee and stop charging drivers extra per point.

Last week motorsport's governing body announced that next season the entry fees for the teams will increase, which means the drivers can probably expect a hike as well.

However, at present all drivers pay a different amount as it is based on the number of points scored the previous season.

"Personally I don't feel that we should be paying different super licence fees for different drivers and different point situations," Button told ESPNF1.

"I mean, when you get your licence to drive on the road, because you do more miles you don't pay more for it, do you?

"And you don't pay more for a licence in any other category because you've got a better car or whatever, so it should be a flat fee."

Citing an example of how expensive it can get, Button revealed that the year after he was crowned the World Champion he paid more than €250,000.

"When I won the Championship in '09 that was the worst year to win a Championship because that's when the super licence went crazy and I think I spent over a quarter of a million Euros on my licence to race that year!"

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