Kimi: Perez f****d our race up

Friday 07-June-2013 09:14

Sergio Perez may feel that he didn't do much wrong during his run-in with Kimi Raikkonen in Monte Carlo, but the Finn is adamant the Mexican messed up.

The duo made contact during the closing stages of the Monaco Grand Prix and Raikkonen was forced to make a pit stop after picking up a puncture. The Lotus driver was furious after the race and said maybe Perez should be "punched to the face" before he will listen.

However, Perez insists he didn't do much wrong while McLaren are backing up their driver with sporting director Sam Michael saying they are "fully behind him" and suggested the Lotus driver was as much to blame for the incident as the 23-year-old.

Raikkonen, though, is having none of it and he is still quite upset with Perez.

"There's nothing else I could have done apart from just drive straight," the Finn is quoted as saying by "Using my own line I could have easily made the corner, but obviously he comes too fast and can't stop.

"My line was in the middle of the circuit anyhow, so there was definitely no way that he was going to get past me if I didn't move over, and I don't really feel I should move over if another guy comes too fast. I did that already five or six laps earlier or something, just purely because I saw that he comes too fast and he would have hit me...

"That hurt in the points, but I don't feel any different now. It doesn't change the fact that he f****d our race up. If you ask one year from now it's still the same ending. Obviously we got one point back, but it doesn't take away the fact that he wasn't right.

"I knew that he was going to try, and that's why I braked every lap in the same place, and just went over the middle of the circuit. For sure he knew where I was going to be, and which line I would take."

Raikkonen also feels that there are only a handful of drivers on the grid that you can "trust" when it comes to pulling off clean overtaking moves.

"I mean sometimes you have to be with some guys, because you cannot trust them. If I take the top maybe five guys, you trust them, and you know if you are there they are not going turn into you, or they are going to race fair," he said.

"We can be hard but we can be fair. It's OK to be aggressive, but you have to have some idea behind an overtaking manoeuvre, even if you are aggressive, and not just have a hope, 'He's going to move over.' You know certain guys will race hard and fair, but some guys for sure you know what to expect."

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