Boullier unhappy with Kimi's comments

Friday 20-September-2013 16:56

Eric Boullier says he was disappointed with Kimi Raikkonen telling the world that Lotus had not been paying him.

Speaking in Thursday's press conference in Singapore, the Finn revealed that one of the reasons he decided to leave the team for Ferrari is because he wasn't being paid.

"The reasons why I left are purely on the money side and I haven't got my salary," he said. "It's unfortunate."

As to be expected the Finn's comments have not gone down well with his Lotus team boss.

"It's obviously a bad message, but I don't know why he decided to publicly speak about his finance situation," he told Sky Sports F1.

The Frenchman took the opportunity to speak about Formula One's rising costs and how it impacts a team such as Lotus, who are still waiting for the financial rewards from selling a 35 percent stake in the team to Infinity Racing.

"It's maybe the opportunity to just wake up and understand when all the teams are talking about cutting costs," Boullier said.

"[In] the car manufacturer era last decade everything was too much, but today Formula 1's business style and the revenue stream we can generate as a private team is quite difficult and you have to rely on your shareholders today.

"We have not hid anything, we are trying to bring some new investors on board which would allow us to secure some new sponsorship and this is where we are nearly, nearly done.

"Unfortunately the timing is not the same for the people outside the paddock than the one we have here. It's true that we have concentrated this year on paying our people, on trying to pay suppliers and make sure we can keep the development rate.

"It's true that we postponed some payment for Kimi. To be honest with you last year was the same, but at the end of the year everything was done and completed.

"So it's not a good message, it's true, but this is the reality and I think people need to face the reality."

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