Kimi to clear up 'second choice' strategy

Monday 12-May-2014 06:40

Kimi Raikkonen will have a word with Ferrari after being "second choice" in Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix.

Although Raikkonen held off team-mate Fernando Alonso for the bulk of Sunday's grand prix, the Spaniard eventually overtook him with five laps remaining.

Raikkonen had no answer to Alonso, who was on fresher rubber having stopped three times to Raikkonen's two-stopper.

The Finn was unhappy with the situation and asked Ferrari over the radio "who made these calls?", before adding that his strategy was "second choice."

The 2007 World Champion, the last driver to win the title with Ferrari, will now ask what is going on.

"I just wanted to clear up some things," he told Autosport.

He did, however, play down the situation having finished seventh to Alonso's sixth.

"Obviously there was not much between it," he added. "We still finished far away from the others. It did not make much difference to the result."

Raikkonen's P7, though, was a lap down on the race-winning Mercedes drivers with the Finn stating that something needs to be done.

"It's just a different race. We're trying many things and it was a bit better, but we are still sixth and seventh.

"We had some chances to fight but we are still far away from where we want to be. Overall we were the fourth-quickest team, so it's disappointing.

"But there were some good points over the weekend compared to the last race."

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