Webber: Seb will have protection as usual

Sunday 24-March-2013 10:31

There was acrimony on the Sepang GP podium as the Red Bull racers faced off with Mark Webber calling his team-mate a "quick peddler" who has the team's protection.

Webber had been on course for the victory in Malaysia after taking the lead off Sebastian Vettel on lap seven when the German pitted.

From there Webber maintained his advantage until the closing stages when Vettel caught up to him.

Battling for the lead, it was vicious and at times dangerous as the two team-mates touched before Vettel, who had earlier called Webber "slow", muscled his way through.

The reigning Champ went on to win the the grand prix by four seconds ahead of Webber, however, it was evident that all was not well as neither Christian Horner nor Adrian Newey, who was in the pre-podium room with his drivers, celebrated.

The two drivers also barely looked at each other but had to stand shoulder-to-shoulder on the podium and were sent back out when everyone tried to leave before the podium interview.

That was a frigid affair.

Speaking after his team-mate, who wanted to discuss the situation in "private", Webber started by saying that the "first part of the grand prix went very well for us.

"In the end we got the right strategy and after the last stop the team told me to turn the engine down."

Then the gloves came off.

Webber added: "In the end Seb made his own decisions today and will have protection as usual, and that's the way it goes", which hinted at the times Red Bull's powers-that-be have jumped to Vettel's defence.

"I turned my engine down and started cruising on the tyres, and then the fight was on and as we know he's a quick peddler.

"I was disappointed with the outcome of today's race."

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