Kubica: Media can play a hard game

Saturday 04-January-2014 11:33

Robert Kubica has urged the world's media to be respectful towards Michael Schumacher's family and friends.

The seven-time World Champion spent a sixth night in intensive care at the Grenoble University Hospital after suffering severe head injuries.

This is not the first time that Formula One had held its breath waiting for news on a driver with the last serious incident being Kubica's crash back in 2011.

Kubica crashed at that year's Ronde di Andora rally and his car was penetrated by a crash barrier.

The then-Renault F1 driver's right forearm was partially severed while he also sustained multiple fractures.

The Polish driver has now called on the world's media to show some respect to Schumacher and his family just days after a journalist attempted to sneak into his room disguised as a priest.

"I was in a similar situation and I know media can play quite a hard game in a very difficult period for him, his family and close friends," he told Autosport.

"For all motorsport for sure it's not the easiest end of last year and beginning of new year."

He added: "It's hard news and shows that something can happen every day.

"When I did my crash in the rally car people said why I am doing this, I shouldn't do it.

"But when you enjoy doing something it's normal that you want to do it. You can ski easy and a lot of things come together.

"I wish him all the best and definitely keep fingers crossed he will recover and everything will be fine."

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