Hakkinen: Schumi is a fighter

Sunday 05-January-2014 07:30

As Michael Schumacher remains in a coma in hospital, former rival turned friend Mika Hakkinen has spoken of the German's fighting spirit.

Racing for rival outfits McLaren and Ferrari, Hakkinen and Schumacher's battles dominated the second half of the 1990s as they fought for World titles.

Hakkinen won two while Schumacher went on to amass an unprecedented seven.

The German, though, faces his biggest battle yet as he spent a seventh night in a medically induced coma after suffering severe brain trauma in a skiing accident.

Schumacher's condition remains critical but stable.

"I was shocked and wrote an email to Corinna Schumacher and the family to let them know how much I feel with them in this terrible situation," Hakkinen told Bild.

"The only important thing is Michael's family. They now need peace and strength to get through this tough battle."

And the Finn knows all about that having himself suffered life-threatening injuries when he crashed during a practice session for the 1995 Australian GP.

Like Schumacher's wife and children, Hakkinen's family sat at his bedside, hoping for him to pull through.

"It is the worst thing that can happen to you in life. You realise how fragile life is," said the 45-year-old.

"The only important thing is to be able to hold the hand of the other and to trust the words of the doctors.

"You sit there and hope that everything turns out well, but you do not know what will be the next morning. You cannot even do anything - and that's the horror."

Hakkinen, though, believes Schumacher will win this battle.

"He is a fighter and will never give up until he has won the battle," he said.

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