Glock: No regrets

Thursday 09-August-2012 13:14

Timo Glock says he will remain with Marussia next season and does not regret his decision to join the newcomer over Lotus back in 2010.

While other drivers' names are being thrown about in the press as F1's silly season hits high gear, there has been complete silence with regards to Glock.

That, though, is because his future is already decided.

"I know how my future looks at the moment," the Marussia driver told

Pressed as to whether that meant he was staying at Marussia next season, he said: "Yeah, right."

However, Glock did admit that if another team gave him a call he would answer but that's because "I always run to the phone when someone calls me, no matter who it is."

But while another season of lapping at the back of the field awaits the German it could have been a lot different after he was linked to a move to Renault, now Lotus, before signing with Marussia, known back then as Virgin Racing.

The German, though, is adamant he has no regrets about his decision.

"When I make my decisions I know why I made them and there for me there's no whining or thoughts of 'could, would, if.'"

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