Pirelli face 'serious questions'

Sunday 30-June-2013 16:10

F1 tyre supplier Pirelli were back in the headlines on Sunday afternoon after four serious tyre failures during the British Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton was forced to relinquish the lead at his home grand prix when his rear left delaminated just eight laps into the grand prix. He wasn't the only one though as Felipe Massa, Jean-Eric Vergne and Sergio Perez also suffered failures.

With teams finding cuts on their drivers' rear left tyres, warnings came over the radio to stay away from the kerbs especially at Turn Four.

However, even if the kerbs did play a role, race winner Nico Rosberg has urged Pirelli to take action.

"Definitely that's a problem, too many tyre failures today so they must look into that and see what could be done," said the Mercedes driver.

"We shouldn't get into that situation, something needs to be done to sort it out and make them last."

Mark Webber, who finished second, was one of those heard being cautioned by his team after Red Bull found cuts on Sebastian Vettel's rear left after his first pit stop.

"Well the team tried to keep us as updated as they can but it's a bit of a moving target for them as well," Webber explained.

"This is not a slow circuit, it's very quick and we are committed to the high speed stuff 100 percent most of the time so... yeah it's not December yet so I'll stay quiet."

Asked how much input the drivers have in the tyre situation, he replied: "We've been trying to have input for the last three years.

"We are part of the package, part of the show and the show goes on by the looks of it."

Fernando Alonso, who revealed that he had a tyre issue prior to his first pit stop, was non-committal when asked about the Pirelli rubber.

"For sure it is something that is not good," said the double World Champion, "but we drive the car and understand nothing about the problem or the solution so it's a question for them (Pirelli)."

Meanwhile, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner reckons Pirelli are facing some "fairly serious questions" in the wake of Sunday's chaos.

"The issues with the tyres changed the complexion of the race so instructing the drivers to stay away from the kerbs changed the race," he said.

"I think they'll be some fairly serious questions being asked and I think Pirelli will address that. It's clear Pirelli need to do something but the most important thing is that they address it."

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