New style good for F1 - Rosberg

Wednesday 26-March-2014 10:09

Australian Grand Prix winner Nico Rosberg believes the new style of racing that is required to be successful in Formula One is good for the sport.

Despite some claims that the new, less-noisy V6 Turbo power units detract from the sport as a spectacle, Mercedes driver Rosberg believes the rules changes that came into effect this year are improving the sport as a whole.

The German claims that it is far more of a challenge to get the car to perform optimally and that the reduced levels of downforce the cars have make for thrilling racing.

"It has shuffled everything about, which is great. The sport needs that," Rosberg told Autosport ahead of this week's Malaysian Grand Prix.

"And it is contemporary. It is all very, very energy efficient, which is a good direction to take.

"Driving-wise, it is good fun too. It is slower than last year, which I don't like, but I have got used to it and I don't notice any more that I am slower.

"It is all good. It is very complicated in the car of course, because there is so much going on, and it will take some time to get on top of all that."

Williams driver Valtteri Bottas agreed with his Mercedes rival, saying that it was the most fun he has ever had behind the wheel of a F1 car in Australia.

"It was fun. It was proper racing; it was the most fun I have ever had," Bottas told Autosport.

"For me there was no fuel saving at all. The safety car always helps, because you can save some fuel and push, plus the tyres seemed to be more consistent than last year.

"I think it was good fun and hopefully good for the spectators."

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