Boullier willing to wait for Kubica

Monday 14-November-2011 14:20

Eric Boullier is adamant he's willing to give Robert Kubica time to recover as he is "morally committed" to the Polish driver.

Renault have yet to confirm their 2012 line-up as they are bidding their time to see whether or not Kubica, who was seriously injured in a rally accident in February, can return to the sport next season.

The Renault team boss had initially set the Pole an October deadline, however, now says he is willing to wait and perhaps even bring Kubica back during next year's Championship.

"The latest I have is that he cannot commit to any deadline, so we have to discuss a common communication plan. We obviously want him to be back," Boullier told Autosport.

"If it has to be during the course of next year, why not? There are some conditions that we need to discuss, and I need to discuss with his manager that once he knows he cannot be back, or if he cannot be back, then any scenarios we now need to properly communicate."

He added: "I am patient because I am morally committed for him, he was very important for us. We play the game, we played every game for him and I am morally committed.

"If I can have a scenario where he can be back, even during the course of the year, I will try to make it, but obviously I cannot do more."

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