Kubica recovering after elbow op

Wednesday 06-June-2012 11:37

Robert Kubica has undergone another surgery on his injured elbow, which doctors hope will allow him to "fully turn a steering wheel."

The former Renault driver suffered life-threatening injuries in an accident at the Ronde di Andora rally in February last year.

Kubica underwent several surgeries in the immediate aftermath and, more than a year on, has yet to make a comeback to racing despite a desire to do so.

Last week the Pole had yet another operation, this time aimed at improving the mobility of his arm which may take him a step closer to a comeback.

"Thanks to this, the driver will be able to fully turn the steering wheel," Dr Ruggero Testoni, the Head of Hand Surgery at the Pederzoli hospital, told the Italian media.

"Previously he was unable to turn the wheel down with his palm, and was forced to take his hand off the wheel for left-hand corners.

"The surgery was preceded by a series of tests in a car simulator. It will take at least one month in order to stabilise."

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