Horner calls on F1 to remove ‘draconian’ penalties

Mark Scott
Christian Horner: Dismayed by Pierre Gasly penalty

Christian Horner: Dismayed by Pierre Gasly penalty

Red Bull boss Christian Horner wants to see the removal of “draconian” penalties in Formula 1 with Pierre Gasly starting from the pit lane in Baku.

Gasly was called into the FIA weigh bridge during FP2 but ignored the signals and carried on straight into his Red Bull pit box.

The Frenchman was called to the stewards and was slapped with a pit-lane start for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix as a result.

Horner agreed that Gasly was in breach of the rules, but thinks the punishment is far too severe.

“He committed a crime, there is no doubt about that,” Horner told Sky Sports F1 during FP3 in Baku.

“The argument is is whether the penalty fits the crime. In my opinion, it doesn’t. It’s a Friday.

“If he had been running 50 kilos underweight, his penalty would have been less than what he actually got for missing that light.

“This regulation is a hangover from when we used to have qualifying on a Friday and if qualifying on Friday got cancelled, then they would refer back to the times of the previous practice.

“It is about as draconian as you can possibly get.”

Horner also called on the big bosses of Formula 1 to go through the current regulations with a fine tooth comb and weed out these out-of-date procedures.

He added: “This regulation was discussed this [Saturday] morning and Ross Brawn, Chase Carey, they all agreed [with me].

“Let’s have a good go through these regulations as some of them refer back to instances that are irrelevant now.

“And let’s tidy up these silly penalties that don’t match the crime being committed, particularly on a Friday.”

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