Spa’s first DRS zone shortened by 20m

Michelle Foster

Spa's first DRS zone shortened by 20m

Spa’s first DRS zone will be 20 metres shorter this season but the track will still have two zones, unlike Silverstone and Hockenheim.

FIA race director Michael Masi has confirmed that the drivers will be aided by two DRS zones at this year’s Belgian GP, as they did last year.

The first zone, though, down the Kemmel Straight, has been shortened.

Instead of beginning 230 metres away from the exit of Raidillon, it will start 210m away.

“[It’s] circumstances, having a look from previous events like the previous year at that circuit,” Masi explained to

“Has it worked? Was it too powerful? Not powerful enough?

“Then the boffins all sit there and crunched data and look at that and then compare it to television and go from there.

“And also the drivers have given their feedback previously.”

The other DRS zone along the start/finish straight remains the same.

“I circulated a document to the teams with basically all the DRS zones for the rest of the year,” Masi added.

“What’s been increased slightly, decreased slightly.

“There’s a couple of them that have been removed from memory.

“The teams all now have that information.”

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