Grosjean and his ‘Olympic’ level of bad luck

Michelle Foster


Romain Grosjean in adamant there has to come a time when his bad luck runs out, after all it can’t go on forever.

The Frenchman was kicked out of qualifying in Q2 for the Canadian Grand Prix when his Haas team-mate Kevin Magnussen crashed.

Both drivers were vying for a place in Q3 with Grosjean doing just one run late in the session.

It came to naught when Magnussen crashed and brought out the red flags.

“I think I’m in the Olympic championship of bad luck,” Grosjean told Autosport, adding “in racing! My kids are good, my wife is good, that’s what matters the most.

“But, it’s starting to be fucking painful.

“If you think about everything. The wheel in bloody Australia [after qualifying sixth], and Lance Stroll crashing into me in Bahrain.

“We had a brake-disc failure in Baku. Qualifying last race [Grosjean was blocked in qualifying by Pierre Gasly and knocked out of Q2]. And here again.”

It’s not the first time that Grosjean has gone through a bad patch.

Last year he also struggled, although a large percentage of that was down to his own mistakes.

This time, it’s others’.

“This is different to last year because I was making 50% of the job,” explained the Haas driver.

“This year I’ve been doing all right. This was the worst weekend, we didn’t get to do the soft run in FP3, but we managed to recover quite well, we were in the mix.

“So yeah, it’s been disappointing. But everything has to end.

“It hasn’t been going on a good path for quite a long time, but some day!”

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