Tyre temperature will be a ‘challenge’ in Canada

Michelle Foster


Balancing tyre temperatures will be a “challenge” for the Formula 1 drivers this weekend when they race at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, that’s according to Pirelli.

The Canadian track is a high-speed street circuit that makes use of public roads.

It is all about traction and braking with its long straights and heavy braking areas.

As such Pirelli motorsport boss Mario Isola says getting heat into the tyres will be one of the biggest challenges facing the drivers this weekend.

“Broadly speaking, our nomination for Canada is about the same as last year, when the hypersoft also made its second appearance of the year after Monaco,” said Isola.

“The main difference is that the hardest compound available this weekend is a bit harder than last year, and there is no equivalent of the supersoft in the 2019 range, so the choices are more spread out.

“While we have the same nomination as Monaco, a few of the teams have compared Montreal more with Baku – where we made a harder selection – because of the higher speeds, longer straights, and the challenge of balancing tyre temperatures across the front and rear of the car.

“Montreal is also a race that contains plenty of variety, in terms of strategy, on-track action and weather.

“The teams always go into it not knowing quite what to expect, so it’s especially important to accumulate as much tyre data as possible in order to be able to make an informed reaction to changing circumstances.”

This year Pirelli having made the three softest compounds available to the teams, the hard being the C3, the medium is the C4, and the soft is the C5.

The drivers have already made their selections with McLaren, Alfa Romeo and Racing Point taking nine sets of the red tyres while Mercedes have opted for eight, and Ferrari and Red Bull each seven.

Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc have just one set of the hard tyres available.

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