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Alfa Romeo driver Zhou Guanyu at the Canadian Grand Prix. Montreal, June 2022.
Henry Valantine
Zhou Guanyu feels P6 will bring ‘a lot of opportunity’ for Alfa Romeo in 2023
Zhou Guanyu thinks Alfa Romeo will be a bigger force next season, with the prize money that P6 in the Constructors' Championship brings.

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Guenther Steiner, Haas, in the paddock. Monaco, May 2022.
Henry Valantine
Guenther Steiner says Haas would not sell ‘hot property’ F1 spot to Andretti
Haas are not for sale, not least because owning a team is now much more profitable than it used to be.
Lando Norris leaning over a fence. Baku June 2022.
Thomas Maher
Lando Norris eager to use his voice after Sebastian Vettel influence
Sebastian Vettel has left a lasting impression on the younger generation, including Lando Norris, who are eager to follow in his footsteps...