Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Carlos Sainz, Ferrari, side-by-side. Abu Dhabi, November 2022.
Jamie Woodhouse
Carlos Sainz accuses Lewis Hamilton of returning P4 in a ‘cheeky way’
Although not criticising Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz said it was "cheeky" how he returned a position to him early in the Abu Dhabi GP.
Charles Leclerc is interviewed. Austin October 2022.
Sam Cooper
Charles Leclerc’s delight in finally pushing Red Bull into mistakes
He did not win the race but Charles Leclerc believes Ferrari executed the plan to perfection.
Fernando Alonso ahead of an AlphaTauri. Abu Dhabi November 2022.
Jon Wilde
Fernando Alonso: ‘Unacceptable’ Alpine reliability issues ‘all happened to my car’
Yet again, it was Car 14 that broke down as Fernando Alonso's time at Alpine ended disappointingly in Abu Dhabi.
Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff. Zandvoort September 2022.
Jamie Woodhouse
Toto Wolff at peace with 2022 season: ‘Was our doing’, 2021 was not
Comparing the pain levels of 2021 and 2022, Toto Wolff says 2021 was more painful as Mercedes could not control how their season ended.
Max Verstappen with Sergio Perez. Abu Dhabi, November 2022.
Sam Cooper
Max Verstappen: Letting Sergio Perez through wouldn’t have been ‘nicest way’ to finish
Max Verstappen finished first but his team-mate Sergio Perez missed out on P2 to Charles Leclerc.
Lewis Hamilton retires from the Abu Dhabi GP. Yas Marina November 2022.
Jon Wilde
Lewis Hamilton’s brutal assessment as he finishes F1 2022 with zero wins
Mercedes started and finished the season with a car they did not want, said Lewis Hamilton.
Max Verstappen celebrates. Abu Dhabi, November 2022.
Sam Cooper
Max Verstappen wary of 2023 battle: 15-win season ‘will be very hard to replicate’
Max Verstappen cruised to his 15th win of the season in Abu Dhabi but is under no impression that figure will be easy to reach in 2023.
Sebastian Vettel waves goodbye to Formula 1. Abu Dhabi November 2022.
Jon Wilde
Sebastian Vettel ends career with Driver of the Day award and an Abu Dhabi regret
One point on his F1 swansong was not enough for Sebastian Vettel with Aston Martin aiming to catch Alfa Romeo in the standings.
The start of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Abu Dhabi, November 2022.
Sam Cooper
Formula 1 2022 results – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Max Verstappen strolled to his 15th win of the season while Charles Leclerc was able to hold off a late charge from Sergio Perez.
Max Verstappen hops out of his RB18 with the No1 board. Abu Dhabi November 2022
Michelle Foster
Race: Max Verstappen wraps up his record-breaking season with win 15 in Abu Dhabi
Max Verstappen takes win number 15, Charles Leclerc beats Sergio Perez to P2 in the race and the standings.