Alonso was wary of a Verstappen ‘trick’


Fernando Alonso didn’t pass Max Verstappen when the Red Bull driver waved him through as he “thought that was maybe a trick.”

Verstappen had to give back a place to Alonso in Sunday’s Australian Grand Prix after passing the McLaren driver as he entered a yellow flag zone.

Verstappen seen wildly waving Alonso through but the Spaniard initially didn’t go.

He later explained why.

“I saw that Max waved and wanted to let me pass,” Alonso said.

“But I thought that was maybe a trick and did not want to drive by.

“I wanted it confirmed three times that I’m really allowed to drive by.

“Max is especially very aggressive in overtaking manoeuvres.

“With his little tricks, it is better to get a confirmation.”

Alonso finished the Australian race in fifth place with Verstappen P6.