Australian Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz in the Ferrari garage during testing. Bahrain, February 2023.
Henry Valantine
Carlos Sainz hits ‘zombie state’ as F1 drivers battle jet lag ahead of Australian GP
F1 drivers are on their way to Melbourne, and Carlos Sainz shared his tips for getting over the shift in time zone.
Michael Schumacher at the 2000 Japanese Grand Prix. Suzuka F1 quiz.
Henry Valantine
F1 quiz: Guess the Grid: 2000 Australian Grand Prix
It's time to get your brain whirring again, and we've prepared this F1 quiz based on the grid of the first 21st Century race in the sport.
The 2022 Australian Grand Prix start. April 2022.
Jamie Woodhouse
Australian GP contract extended, new boss to replace Andrew Westacott
The Australian GP has added a further two years to its Formula 1 contract, though CEO Andrew Westacott will bow out after the 2023 staging.
Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, leads the pack away. Australia, April 2022.
Oliver Harden
Second Formula 1 race in Adelaide ruled out by Australian Grand Prix promoter
Hopes of Australia hosting a second F1 race appear to have been dashed by the Australian GP promoter.
Driver ratings, F1 2022 Australian Grand Prix.
Jon Wilde
Driver ratings for the Australian Grand Prix
How did the drivers fare on race day at Albert Park? Here's our ratings for the Melbourne event, ranging from 10/10 to 3/10.

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