Japanese Grand Prix

Alpine driver Esteban Ocon. Suzuka October 2022.
Jamie Woodhouse
Did Lewis Hamilton battle highlight Esteban Ocon is underrated in F1?
After Esteban Ocon superbly kept Lewis Hamilton at bay in Japan, ex-Red Bull driver Christian Klien suggested the Frenchman is underrated.
George Russell with his helmet visor up. Singapore, September 2022.
Michelle Foster
Mercedes agree with George Russell’s ‘worst decision we made’ assessment
Andrew Shovlin agrees with George Russell that the double-stack in Japan "wasn't the right decision".
Lewis Hamilton trails Esteban Ocon. Suzuka October 2022.
Henry Valantine
Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes W13 was ‘just so slow in a straight line’ at Suzuka
Lewis Hamilton loved his battle with Esteban Ocon, but Mercedes just did not have the top speed to get by.
Start of the Japanese GP. Suzuka October 2022.
Sam Cooper
Mercedes question whether the Japanese GP should have started on time
Mercedes' Andrew Shovlin has pointed out there was a lot of spray coming up off the wet surface before the race had even begun.
Fernando Alonso standing with Pierre Gasly. Silverstone July 2022.
Michelle Foster
Fernando Alonso ‘totally supporting Pierre’ Gasly amidst tractor fiasco
Fernando Alonso doesn't believe the issue was Pierre Gasly's speed but rather the tractor on the track.
Red Bull's Max Verstappen leads Ferrari's Charles Leclerc at the Japanese Grand Prix. Suzuka, October 2022. points
Jamie Woodhouse
Carlos Sainz suggests F1 wanted to avoid a common criticism during wet weather
Carlos Sainz said that the Japanese GP began with a standing start, despite the conditions, as the FIA foresaw fan backlash otherwise.
Nicholas Latifi puts on his helmet. Monza September 2022
Sam Cooper
Nicholas Latifi: P9 in Japan wouldn’t have stopped Williams from swinging the axe
Nicholas Latifi is under no illusion that his P9 at Suzuka would have saved his Williams career.
Fernando Alonso making a point to Sebastian Vettel. Baku June 2022.
Michelle Foster
Sebastian Vettel believes Fernando Alonso ‘was a bit aggressive’ in last-gasp Japan GP battle
Sebastian Vettel reckons Fernando Alonso's attempt at taking P6 through the chicane was a "bit aggressive".