FIA adjusts Turn 2 run-off rule

Date published: September 28 2019 - Michelle Foster

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The FIA has altered the manner in which drivers must return to the track should they go off at Turn 2 at Sochi after the F1 drivers struggled to follow Friday’s directive.

Ahead of Friday’s first practice for the Russian Grand Prix, FIA race director Michael Masi laid out the rule for how the drivers were expected to return to the track should they go off at Turn 2 in order to avoid them gaining an advantage.

The directive read that if they go left of the orange kerb, then they must rejoin the track by driving “to the left of the first (orange block), to the right of the second (white block), to the left of the third (orange block).”

This was easier said than done.

Lewis Hamilton, Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas were amongst the list of those not only going off, but struggling to follow the guidelines.

As such they have been adjusted ahead of Saturday’s final practice.

The revised rule states: “Any driver who fails to negotiate Turn 2 by using the track, and who passes completely to the left of the first orange kerb element prior to the apex, must re-join the track by driving to the left of the white blocks and remaining to the left of the orange block in the run-off.”

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