Best of Pit Chat: Red Bull v Renault, Alonso radio gold

Red Bull v Renault

Christian Horner: Honda close to Renault

Time to take a look back at some of the best bits from the 2018 season, featuring the Red Bull v Renault slanging match and some radio gold from Fernando Alonso.

Australian Grand Prix

Back to where it all began. New season, fresh optimism, same old Fernando Alonso on team radio.

And Kimi Raikkonen was his usual enthusiastic self in the first press conference of the season.

Bahrain Grand Prix

As we all know, Kevin Magnussen can be a little terror when he wants to be, which is pretty much all the time. That little smirk afterwards. Glorious.

Sebastian Vettel’s reaction to Lewis Hamilton calling Max Verstappen a “d*ckhead” was also a personal highlight.

Chinese Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo, in happier times (*sobs*), had an unique response when asked what it was like for Red Bull to get a win on the board before Mercedes.

There was also some unexpected savagery that came by the way of Brazilian commentary in China with the following exchange:

Q: โ€œLito, after 125 races, when will Hulkenberg finally get on the podium?โ€

A: โ€œI think it would be easier if you asked me what the meaning of life is.โ€


Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Oh yes, the moment when everything after this incident became Marcus Ericsson’s fault. Poor Marcus.

Talk about tempting fate. Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen on a press day in the build-up to Baku.

Then we all know what happened in the race…

Spanish Grand Prix

We doffed our caps to Carlos Sainz for managing to call his mate Fernando Alonso, in no uncertain terms, a b*stard, in the FIA drivers’ press conference. Que cabron!

Meanwhile, Martin Brundle turned into Formula 1’s very own Alan Partridge when chasing down Carlos Sainz.

Monaco Grand Prix

A typo in a Mercedes tweet during the Monaco Grand Prix…

…led to this wonderful creation…

And Sky Sports get a little too analytical when discussing Lewis Hamilton…

Canadian Grand Prix

Model Winnie Harlow did us all a favour by ending the Canadian Grand Prix one lap too early.

And, on the subject of priceless looks, here is a reminder of Daniel Ricciardo’s reaction when he found out he wasn’t getting his fastest lap bonus as a result of the early finish.

French Grand Prix

Ah, the French Grand Prix,ย the scene of Freddo-gate at McLaren. It got very warm, very quickly for Eric Boullier, who didn’t last too much longer as racing director after this grilling.

The French Grand Prix was also the beginning of the fall-out between Red Bull and Renault after the former announced that they were joining Honda from next season.

Christian Horner wasted no time in getting involved with the war of words…

Austrian Grand Prix

Horner picked up where he left off in Austria with a series of wonderful quotes over the course of the Grand Prix weekend…

On Sainz…

“Sainz will stay at Renault [until the end of the season]… unless Cyril misbehaves in which case weโ€™ll bring him back and send him to McLaren.”

On whether it is awkward with Renault now that they and Red Bull will be going their separate ways…

“Itโ€™s a bit like Love Island. Thereโ€™s a lot of chopping and changing going on.”

And the absolute best of the lot…

Channel 4 to Horner: “Howโ€™s the Renault Party Mode working out, Christian?”

Horner: “Itโ€™s more like a pre-drinks mode.”

And Martin Brundle must have been feeling particularly lucky on this grid walk trying to get an interview with Kimi Raikkonen.

British Grand Prix

It was revealed during the Silverstone weekend that Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley form a Spice Boys tribute act.

And there was the perfect four-second clip to sum up the events of the race itself.

Yet we all know that smile was firmly wiped off in the second half of the 2018 season.

Until part two…

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