Canadian Grand Prix team ratings: Shock top scorers and a rare Red Bull mistake

Sam Cooper
Canada team ratings.

Canada team ratings.

As a part of’s race coverage, we will be offering team ratings after a grand prix weekend.

For those of you familiar with our driver ratings, the format will largely be the same but with some key differences as to what ratings will be awarded for.

To start, these ratings are focusing on the team away from the drivers so as an example, Esteban Ocon’s failure to line up properly on the grid in Bahrain was not caused by the team so their rating does not drop as a result. However, the move to start work on the car early during a penalty is definitely their fault so has had a big impact on their score.

It is not just penalties we are focusing on but also on team strategy as well as their reliability.

Other than that, it should be exactly the same as you are already used to, so let’s dive in:

Red Bull 8

A rare mistake from the Red Bull strategy wall came during qualifying when they did not manage to get Sergio Perez a good run on the dry tyre during a crucial window.

It cost the Mexican dear as he exited in Q2 but also in the race as he lacked the pace to move up the grid.

On Max Verstappen’s side of the garage, nothing was going to stop him, even a bird that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In terms of the Dutchman’s strategy, Red Bull did everything they needed to and ensured he got the team’s 100th race win.

Mercedes 8.5

Another strong showing from Mercedes’ new upgrades as the car continues to look better and better. Mercedes as a team did about all they could in this race. The race with Alonso always looked like it was going to come down to the final stint and Mercedes tried their best by putting Hamilton on the mediums but ultimately the Aston Martin held on.

On the other side of the garage, it was not Mercedes’ fault that Russell got a little too familiar with the wall but credit should be paid to the pit crew who managed to get him back out there in a relatively short amount of time.

Aston Martin 8.5

Perhaps the member of the Aston Martin team who should receive the most praise is Chris Cronin who, as race engineer to Fernando Alonso, was the one charged with keeping him calm while the team instructed Alonso to go easy on the brakes.

It was a vital conservation between a duo who have not spent a huge amount of time working together but Cronin knew it was crucial to ensuring the car made it to the end of the race. Alonso was eventually allowed to put his foot down and stop a charging Hamilton and the team played the situation well.

Ferrari 9

It has been a long time since anyone wrote ‘Ferrari handled their strategy well’ but they did just that in Canada.

After a poor quali which was part team fault, part driver fault, Ferrari devised a bold but ultimately smart strategy to go long on the mediums, even rejecting the option of a cheap pit stop under the Safety Car.

It paid off with both Sainz and Leclerc gaining track position and they held on for their second best combined result of the season.

Alpine 7

It could have been a stroke of genius from Alpine to start Pierre Gasly on softs but we will never know as the Virtual Safety Car came at the absolute worst time for the Frenchman. There was little he or the team could do from that point to lift him higher up the grid.

On Ocon’s side of things it was another satisfactory race but you feel Alpine need a few upgrades to kick it up a gear and challenge higher up the grid.

McLaren 6.5

A good performance from McLaren as they look to get back to where they hoped to start the season from.

Norris was one of the best drivers on the grid until he was hit with a five-second penalty while Piastri again proved his capability to compete at this level.

On a strategy front and pit stops, McLaren did everything they could and will be disappointed to have come away with no points to show for it.

Alfa Romeo 7.5

Alfa Romeo are having an odd season where it seems they can only have one driver that does well at any one time.

In Montreal, it was Bottas’ turn to battle for points while Zhou spent his time at the back of the grid.

In terms of Bottas’ day, he had the pace to get into the points but also had to rely on his defending skills to hold off quicker cars behind them.

Another point to add to their tally but you do get the sense this Alfa team is one in transition. recommends

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Haas 5.5

Of 16 entries this season, Haas cars have finished equal or higher than their quali position on just six occasions suggesting that, like their power unit supplier, they have an issue when it comes to race pace.

That was there for all to see in Montreal. Nico Hulkenberg qualified P2 before being knocked down to P5 but he sank like a stone during the race. The German would go on to finish 15th, 10 places lower than he started, and his team-mate Kevin Maggnssued suffered a similar, albeit less severe, fate.

Haas must find a way to conquer this issue if they are to add to their points tally.

Williams 8

While it is never good to see just once driver given the upgrades, it is the reality that faces WIlliams currently but what it also did was show how big of an upgrade the new parts were.

For the first time since the Bahrain Grand Prix, Alex Albon was able to challenge within the points and while it took every inch of his skill to hold onto to the P7 spot, he finally had a car underneath him with which he could do so.

The team do however lose points for a “critical” issue which brought an early end to Logan Sargeant’s race.

AlphaTauri 5.5

The weekend got off on a bad foot when the team failed to warn Yuki Tsunoda twice about oncoming traffic and while he avoided a penalty for one incident, he did not for the other and lost three spots from an already low position.

The AT04 just lacked any kind of pace in Montreal and with Tsunoda starting so low, his already difficult task to get into points was made near impossible.

Nyck de Vries meanwhile continues to be a worry with another subpar performance.