Pit Chat: Ricciardo goes undercover at Ferrari

Mark Scott

Turns out Daniel Ricciardo did sign for Ferrari, while a heated battle takes place between Mercedes and Williams earlier than expected.

Time to take a look back over the best images, clips and social media posts from the Austrian Styrian Grand Prix weekend…

Smile like you mean it

The current Formula 1 theme and its accompanying title sequence is pretty well established now but the alternative versions are still flooding in.

Usually after a week goes by in this world we are in need of some cheering up and these opening credits would do certainly the trick every day over race weekend.

As for actual covers of the actual theme, this is one of the best we have ever heard…

That escalated quickly…

As the above shows, Formula 1 fans are a creative bunch. One fan gets a sudden lightbulb moment after the first race in Austria…

And this is how it looked at the end of the week…

Poor Daniel Ricciardo’s knee.

Undercover agent

On the subject of Daniel Ricciardo, it turns out he has signed for Ferrari after all. He’s been tasked with finding out what on earth has gone wrong with the SF1000 car.

When he’s not working on the car, he is still his usual self in his other role as Renault driver.

Any other business

When we had high hopes for Williams competitiveness this season, we never in our wildest dreams thought they would be challenging Mercedes so quickly.

There was a very intense battle between the two which had everyone glued…to the Connect 4 board.

Meanwhile, Kimi is just being his usual Kimi self…

Over in the virtual F1 world, Romain Grosjean completely lost his head after clinching victory in the new F1 2020 game…literally.

And we certainly wasn’t expecting Gordon Ramsay to pop up during our race day coverage…but you never truly know what Ferrari are going to through at you.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff showed us how every Ferrari fan will be watching the remaining races this season…

Toto Wolff

Last word

Well, it can only go over to ‘Last Lap Lando’ really…let’s go on board with him one last time for that epic finale.

See you again after Hungary…

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