F1 fans predict: What next for Red Bull and Adrian Newey’s next team

Sam Cooper
Adrian Newey in the Red Bull garage

Adrian Newey will leave Red Bull in the first quarter of 2025

With Adrian Newey confirming his departure from Red Bull, we asked what next for the team and where does the legendary designer go from here.

After what will be 19 years with the team, Newey will depart Red Bull next season but with him having stopped work with the F1 operation immediately, everyone has been wondering just where he could go next and according to you, there is a strong favourite.

F1 fans name one standout team for Adrian Newey to join next

Over on our Twitter page, we asked you just where Newey would end up next and there was an overwhelming favourite – Ferrari.

72.2% of you said he would make the move to Maranello having rejected such a transfer on multiple occasions in the past.

The next most popular choice was the 11.8% of you who chose Aston Martin but it has since been reported that Newey does not fancy a relocation to Silverstone.

Just 5.1% of you said he would make a switch to Mercedes while 10.9% of you believe he will go off and do something different.

F1 fans predict future of Red Bull post-Adrian Newey

As for what happens to the Red Bull empire, after we discussed the possible ramifications, 40% of you predicted they would still win even after Newey had cleared out his desk.

After that, it was a close-run contest with the three other options all within a few percent of each other.

The top one was the 21.6% of you who believed they were doomed while 19.3% predicted a few years without success once Newey had departed.

19.1% of you said it would be difficult at first but then backed Red Bull to return to F1’s summit.

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Eddie Jordan keeping quiet on Adrian Newey future

One man who is better placed than most to predict Newey’s next step is Eddie Jordan who was revealed to be the designer’s manager.

Speaking on his podcast, Formula for Success, Jordan said his “lips are sealed” as to where the 65-year-old may end up next.

“In the long time that I’ve known him and I tried to sign him, and I remember going to his house and leaving a cheque for half a million in the hope that that might have been enough to entice him to come and be a designer at Jordan. That didn’t happen, he went to McLaren,” Jordan said.

“You know, when I think back of the time that I know him, because he was Leyton House in the late ’80s, ’90s, so that’s an awful long time, 30-odd years, and I’ve never heard a bad word said about him – and that’s often indicative of the kind of calibre of the person he is.

“Some would say he’s just brilliant when he has a pencil in his hand, and he becomes just a very normal, quiet, unassuming guy when he doesn’t have the pencil in his hand. And I think that is exactly him.

“So whatever his decision, we wish him well. I’m not going to, in this case, I’m joining you on the fence and I’m not going to say what is likely my advice, but you know, we do speak a lot.

“We do cycle an awful lot. I see him virtually every day for a two, three month period in the middle of our Christmas up here [in Europe] where it’s summertime in Cape Town.

“We’re next-door neighbours so to speak, and so there are certain things I know about and certain things he knows about me. But you know, my lips are sealed – you won’t get a word out of me!”

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