F1 quiz: Every European GP host circuit

Henry Valantine
The start of the 2012 European Grand Prix, Valencia Street Circuit, 2012.

The last time Formula 1 went racing in the streets of Valencia was in 2012 for the European Grand Prix.

Your latest F1 quiz is a quickfire one, but it could well still catch you out. There are only six official answers here, and we’re looking for every circuit to have hosted the European Grand Prix.

Now, before you get going, some housekeeping. The European Grand Prix was only first officially introduced onto the calendar in 1983, but the European GP name had been designated on an honorary basis – so the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1950, for example, also had the European moniker attached to it – but this was not the official name of the race.

So specifically, we are after the six circuits to have hosted the official European Grand Prix when it became its own standalone event on the Formula 1 calendar.

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As for now, though, there are only three minutes on the clock – but you may well get this in a matter of seconds, if your memory is sharp enough.

Good luck, bonne chance, buona fortuna, buena suerte…