Revealed: The five most brutal aspects of a gruelling F1 2025 calendar

Sam Cooper
An exhausted Max Verstappen

24 races in 21 countries await the drivers in 2025.

Being an F1 driver is not all glitz and glamour and a look at the confirmed F1 2025 calendar shows the physical challenge being placed on the athletes.

From double headers to start the year to a 11-hour time difference between races, 2025 will not be easy on the drivers and the teams who are racing 24 times in the season. With that in mind, here are the the five most brutal runs of the F1 2025 calendar.

A 5,000-mile double header to start the season

One of the toughest parts of the season comes right at the start as drivers will be asked to fly 5,000 miles for the first double header of the year.

With the season opener back in Australia, the teams will then travel north to China and the Shanghai circuit.

The location of pre-season testing has yet to be revealed but if it is in Bahrain, that is more air miles for the drivers to endure at the start of the year.

Two sudden trips over the Atlantic

They may not be double headers but flying half way across the world is never easy and on two occasions, North American races have been sandwiched in.

The first comes in early May in Miami with teams back in Europe for May 18, but the hardest north Atlantic trip comes in June when just two weeks after the race in Spain, F1 will be in Canada. Another two weeks and the sport is back in Europe with Austria representing a tricky interruption to the European schedule.

A whole heap of time differences

As well as the distance they have to cover, F1 drivers and teams will also need to constantly be adjusting their internal body clock.

Over the course of the 2025 season, they will experience 79 hours of time difference with the most extreme being the 13 hours between Singapore and Austin.

Other notable differences come with Vegas to Qatar while the mid-season trip to Canada adds 12 hours and the one to Miami adds 13.

F1 2025 calendar
Teams are tasked with a 5,000-mile double header to start the year.

Two summer breaks provide rare relief but could break momentum

The nature of the double headers in the middle of the season means F1 teams have an extra mini summer break before the proper one in August.

Silverstone is on July 6 before racing returns at Spa on July 27, meaning there is three weeks off for a little reprise.

While the drivers will be thankful for some time off, those looking to get points on the board before their rivals can catch up may not be too pleased about the extended break.

After Belgium comes Hungary a week later before the summer break begins until August 31 and the race in Zandvoort. recommends

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A brutal way to end the year

The drivers will need to squeeze every drop of time off out of the summer breaks because pretty much the whole second half of the calendar is brutal.

After the European season ends in Baku, the teams head off to Singapore before flying around the world to Austin. From there it is a short trip down to Mexico and then Brazil but then they will be flying all the way back up for the Las Vegas GP.

The race in Nevada is the first of a triple header as teams then make the 8,000 mile trip to Qatar and the 11-hour time difference.

If drivers are not already exhausted enough, then the final race of the season comes just a week later in Abu Dhabi.

Who’d be an F1 driver, eh?

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