Five times Lewis Hamilton has put his foot in it

Lewis Hamilton: Puts his foot in it

Lewis Hamilton: Puts his foot in it

At the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards, Lewis Hamilton managed to put his foot in it by referring to his home town of Stevenage as the “slums”.

This is not the first time, nor the last, that the Brit has managed to cock-up with his words…

The Ali G outburst – May 2011, Monaco GP

“Maybe it is because I am black. That’s what Ali G says.”

This was a comment from Hamilton’s post-race interview after being penalised twice during the Monaco Grand Prix in 2011.

The Brit eventually finished in P6, after being penalised for separate incidents with Felipe Massa and Pastor Maldonado.

“Out of six races, I’ve been to the stewards five times. It’s a joke, it’s an absolute frickin’ joke,” Hamilton said before this video starts.

Hamilton later apologised for his comments in the interview, and went to speak to the FIA stewards afterwards.

He admitted that what he said was meant as a joke, but that he could see why it was taken in a different light.

The princess dress – December 2017

Hamilton’s nephew was given a princess dress for Christmas, and the star took to Instagram to show his horror of it.

The Brit apologised immediately for it, and went on to reveal his thoughts in a feature-length interview with GQ Magazine.

“I was just at home with my family and I was joking around with my nephew. I didn’t even realise what I’d done, in the loving environment that I was in,” he said.

“And as soon as I realised, I removed it. I was like, ‘Oh, my God. What have you done?’ I got on my phone and I started writing an apology, because I’d seen a couple of comments.”

Hamilton has since released a clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger, with a kilt being the showpiece attraction.

“Such a d**khead” – April 2018, Bahrain GP

The Bahrain Grand Prix was the third race of the 2018 season, and Hamilton was already feeling the pressure, as Sebastian Vettel has taken victory from his hands.

In the desert, the Brit had to take a five-place grid penalty for an unscheduled gearbox penalty, sending him down to a P9 starting slot.

Yes, there was THAT triple overtake, but he also came together with Max Verstappen during the grand prix, and he had some choice words for it…

(Love that cheeky look from Sebastian Vettel, by the way)

Less than a week later, Hamilton apologised to the Dutchman during a signing session ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix.

“So just as we were just signing just now, I just shook his hand and I was like: ‘Look I’m sorry about the last race.’ Regardless of if it is his fault or my fault, it’s in the past,” Hamilton admitted.

“Interesting tactics” – July 2018, British GP

Hamilton was looking for a fifth-straight victory at his home race, but it was all but over at just the third corner.

His Mercedes was tagged by the Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen, with the Brit spinning round and falling to the back of the pack.

Hamilton eventually recovered to take P2 in the race, with the Finn taking a time penalty for the incident, but the Brit was seething after the race.

“Interesting tactics from this side,” Hamilton said, looking at the Ferrari drivers on the podium at Silverstone.

“It’s two races in which a Mercedes has been taken out by a Ferrari. Valtteri and I have both lost out in those scenarios.”

In the days after, Kimi apologised to the Mercedes man, and Hamilton went on to Instagram to tell his millions of followers.

In a post that was subsequently deleted, he said that Raikkonen had said sorry, and that it was a racing incident.

“Sometimes we say dumb sh*t and we learn from it,” he said, referring to his own comments.

India is a poor place – November 2018

And, just in the last month, Hamilton spoke about the now-defunct Indian Grand Prix, saying he was conflicted about it.

“I’ve been to India before to a race which was strange because India was such a poor place,” he said.

“Yet we had this massive, beautiful Grand Prix track made in the middle of nowhere. I felt very conflicted when I went to that Grand Prix.”

Just a day later, he responded with a lengthy apology posted on social media.

In the post, he said that it “felt strange to drive past homeless people and then arrive in a huge arena where money was not an issue.”

Thankfully, for the most part, Hamilton lets his driving do the talking.

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