Tweets of the Week: Cuddly toys and Russell’s muscles

Date published: June 13 2021 - Henry Valantine

George Russell Monaco 2021 PA

Seeing as it’s a Sunday without Formula 1 to enjoy, we thought we’d take a look back at social media and find our favourite posts from the week just gone, and here’s what we found…

Not sure if anyone asked Esteban Ocon about his biceps there, but each to their own. As you’ll see further down, George Russell put his strength to good use last weekend.

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It’s okay, Lando, we’ve all been there. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get over someone who’s left you, but almost saying their name when your new partner can hear you is a tricky one to recover from.

Might make that noise from Mark Webber my new alarm. It’ll work a treat when I struggle to wake up in the morning.

Lewis’ cuddly toy looks absolutely fuming at being on camera there.

Some shameless self-promotion here (make sure you follow us @Planet_F1, by the way) but the enthusiasm in Seb’s voice after his first test in a Formula 1 car is just brilliant.

This from the restart in Baku is vintage Fernando Alonso.

We covered this one earlier in the week, but it’s good enough to enjoy again.

To be fair, this will have been a harder task than doing a World’s Strongest Man-style farmers’ walk when trying to carry too much shopping into the house in one go. (Not speaking from experience there at all).

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