Revealed: How the F1 2024 standings would look with a new points system

Sam Cooper
Teams on the grid before an F1 race

F1 will meet this week to discuss a change to the points system

F1 leaders will meet to discuss a potential change to the points system on Thursday but how would that affect the 2024 championship if it was already in place?

Any change is unlikely to come into effect until 2025 at the earliest but we have crunched the numbers to see who would benefit the most from the swap if it was in place now.

What is the proposed F1 points system?

Under the current regulations, points are awarded to the top 10 drivers who cross the line with a bonus point given to the one driver within that top 10 who records the fastest lap.

But the proposed plan would see a change to that with the top 12 being rewarded and the additional two spots also being eligible for the fastest lap point.

Currently, the scoring system goes 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 but the new regulations would see that changed to 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 meaning from seventh downwards would change.

Who would be the big winners?

We’ve taken that new system and applied it to this season and Haas are the big winners from the data.

Nico Hulkenberg, who has finished between 9th and 11th on four occasions this year, would have an extra eight points while his team-mate Kevin Magnussen, who has been 12th on two occasions, would have an extra four.

That gives Haas a total of 12 extra points from this season or 240% times their current tally of five. Were this system in place then they would also leapfrog RB in the standings to sixth.

The proposed points changes
Haas would be the big winners under the new system

As for RB, Daniel Ricciardo would be off the mark for his one point earned in Australia while Alex Albon, Zhou Guanyu and Esteban Ocon would also have broken their duck.

It’s bad news for Pierre Gasly, Valtteri Bottas and Logan Sargeant though as they would remain on zero points.

Following Haas is actually Mercedes, who would pick up six extra points entirely through Lewis Hamilton.

With the seven-time World Champion, it is not even a case of him finishing P11 or P12 but instead his existing positions being more valuable in terms of points. recommends

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Those six points would not be enough to move Mercedes up the standings though as they were still some way off McLaren in P3.

Aston Martin are another team with six extra points with both Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll adding three each.

Williams would be next on the list with an extra five thanks to Albon while McLaren would also get an extra four.

RB picks up an extra three with both Alpine and Stake getting an extra two.

The only teams and drivers that would be left entirely unchanged are Red Bull and Ferrari who have yet to complete a race outside of the top five.

Added financial benefit to F1 points change

While the proposed points change would in theory make racing in the back half of the grid more competitive, it would also be another stream of income for the FIA.

The proposed system would pay out an extra eight points per race and, at the current pay-by-point rate of entry fees the teams pay to the FIA, it would also net the governing body an extra $1.26m in annual income.

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