The many milestones Max Verstappen can reach in F1 2024 season

Sam Cooper
Max Verstappen with his 2023 trophies.

Most drivers would be delighted with even half the success Max Verstappen had in 2023.

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who does not suspect Max Verstappen is in for more success this season but what milestones can he reach?

After three title-winning seasons and a 2023 of sheer dominance, Verstappen has soared up many all-time tables whether that be wins, poles or podiums.

And at 26, he has time on his side to top them all so here is what he could do in 2024.

200 Grand Prix starts

Let’s start with one that is almost guaranteed to happen: for the Dutchman to hit the 200 Grands Prix mark.

Verstappen is currently on 185 meaning his 200th GP will actually be his home race in the Netherlands and that number would be one more than Alain Prost.

This would see Verstappen become the 23rd most-raced driver with plenty of years of competition in him.

More wins than any other Red Bull driver

Verstappen is not there to make up the numbers either. In his 185 races so far, he has picked up 54 wins and is just six wins shy of having won more as a Red Bull driver than any other combined.

If things go his way, the Dutchman could take that record in Miami at the first US race of the year.

3,000 laps led

Not to sound too Drive to Survive but to win you must be at the front and Verstappen has spent plenty of time doing that.

To date, he has led a Grand Prix for 2,858 laps which is the fifth most in F1 history but he could rise further up that table.

142 more laps would see him cross the 3,000 mark which, providing every race goes the full distance, could come in the 20th lap of the Australian Grand Prix.

In terms of the number he could end the season on, there are a total of 1,444 laps in 2024 so should the near-impossible happen, Verstappen would be on 4,302 – which would be more than any driver not called Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher.

100 podiums

Another easy milestone for Verstappen to tick off should be 100 podiums with the Dutchman just two short as it stands.

Not once since Verstappen moved to Red Bull in 2016 has he failed to score at least two podiums in a season so he should be a very safe bet to hit that number in 2024.

As to where that puts him on the overall leaderboard, he is currently seventh in the table, five behind Kimi Räikkönen. Should he have a perfect season, he could end just one short of Sebastian Vettel in third.

Fifth most wins as a nation

The winning nations list is not normally a one-man effort but in Verstappen’s case, it very much is.

Powered solely by the Dutchman, the Netherlands is sixth in the table, three short of the Finland quartet of Mika Häkkinen, Keke Rosberg, Heikki Kovalainen and Valtteri Bottas.

If Verstappen were to win all 24 races in 2024, he would move the Netherlands up to 78 wins, behind only France, Brazil, Germany and the UK.

Wins with same constructor

Verstappen has so far been very much a one-team man having started at Red Bull’s junior team, Toro Rosso, before announcing his presence on the world stage with a win in his first Red Bull race in 2016.

Eight years later, he is still in the red, blue and yellow of Red Bull and after his last three years with the team, he has unsurprisingly shot up the list in terms of driver wins with the same constructor.

Hamilton and Mercedes top the list but the seven-time World Champion’s early career at McLaren means he is not out of reach for Verstappen.

He is on 82 to Verstappen’s 54 but the latter could overtake the 72 Ferrari wins of Schumacher this season. recommends

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Consecutive victories

This is one already under Verstappen’s belt but given the performances of him and the team in 2023, there is every chance he betters even himself in 2024.

The record number of consecutive victories stands at 10, set by the Red Bull man last season from Miami to Monza, but he is currently on seven having won every race since Suzuka.

Winning the first three races of the 2024 campaign does not seem out of the question and then the record is his to extend.

Four World Championships

But of course, the one metric Verstappen cares about is World titles. He is currently on three but another would put him amongst some very esteemed company.

Currently, only Hamilton, Schumacher, Juan Manuel Fangio, Prost and Vettel have hit four titles with the latter pair on that exact number.

If Verstappen were to reach the number this year, he would not quite be the youngest four-time champion, that goes to Vettel, but he would beat Prost, Schumacher, Hamilton and Fangio.

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